• How to make a perfumed body powder
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    Our skin’s in love with this DIY perfumed body powder

    Just add a sprinkle of magic powder… What’s the secret to falling in love? Is it a magic potion, fairy dust, or good old-fashioned chemistry? We can’t say for sure, but we do know that the second we met this DIY perfumed body powder we fell hard! And all the magic we needed was contained in the powder itself, which leaves your skin silky soft and delicately scented. What’s more, it comes in three captivating perfumes. It was love at first sniff for us, and we think it will be for you too! To make this perfumed body powder, we chose powders with a velvety feel that yield a product…

  • how to make solid perfume
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    Here’s how to make your own solid perfume!

    Become a bona fide perfumer with just this recipe Perfume does so many things. It can bring back long-forgotten memories, serve as an indispensable element of seduction, and help you stand out from the crowd. It’s so much more than a simple cosmetic! Each note in these cleverly created concoctions is carefully selected to create a beautiful, balanced scent. Coming up with a homemade perfume is an art unto itself, which we’re sharing with you today! We chose to develop a solid perfume recipe for several reasons. Unlike traditional alcohol-based perfume sprays, which irritate some people’s skin, our DIY solid perfume is created with wax, butter, and oil, making it…

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    Coop Coco on TV: 2 perfumes you can make in less than an hour

    If you make your own products, you know the kitchen is the kingdom of home-made cosmetics fans. We’re sure our products are no strangers to your kitchen (or bathroom, or purse, or cupboard, or bedside table or… well, you get the point). And since we make ourselves at home just about everywhere we go, we thought we’d drop by the kitchen of Marina Orsini. Not to blow our own horn, but we’re pretty proud of that! If you missed that episode, you can watch it here. And if you feel inspired by the contagious enthusiasm of Marina and Lyne to make your own perfumes, here are the two recipes made…

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    Let’s celebrate spring with a floral mist!

    Upon looking outside it might be difficult to believe, but the calendar confirms it: this month, spring will arrive. We’ve been doing our part to give spring a helping hand. We’re dusting off the bottles of floral essential oils and aromatic essences and we’ve managed to create some spring ambiance around here. Here’s a recipe that we created to help you do the same. How to make home fragrance? Utensils Bottle, blue PETE with mister 120ml Pipettes 3ml for essential oils Funnel Ramekins Small bowl Whisk 0.1 gram precision scale or measuring beaker Ingredients 24 ml (23g) of hydrosol or demineralized water 84 ml (70g) of isopropyl alcohol 70% 12 ml…