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    Refreshing cream for tired feet

    How to make foot cream? Whether you’re a fan of dancing, hiking, running, biking, city strolling, or gardening, you’ve no doubt noticed that your feet sometimes pay the price. We wanted to make sure your tired tootsies wouldn’t interfere with your favourite pastime, so we did some research and came up with this recipe for a refreshing foot cream. Applied to your feet and calves, it will cool, refresh, and moisturize. What’s more, its energizing scent will soon have you back on your feet and raring to go. Tools Stainless steel bowls to make 2 double boilers 3 bowls (1 for each phase + 1 for extra water) 3 ramekins…

  • DIY cream for sun
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    Natural roll-on for the sun

    This roll-on will leave your skin silky smooth and slightly white with a delicate floral scent. Your whole family will love it. Zinc oxide is a sunscreen that physically blocks the sun’s UVA and UVB rays (much like your clothing protects you from the sun). It’s important to mix the cream with the zinc oxide until it has the texture of yoghurt. If you don’t mix it well enough, the zinc oxide will sink to the bottom of the bowl and, once it’s poured, only the bottom part of the tube will contain zinc oxide. You can choose between two different waxes: the candelilla wax will give you a white…