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    Let’s play with Boing Boing, the homemade bouncy ball!

    A fun and easy recipe Boing Boing is a bouncy ball! Boing Boing bounces joyfully everywhere it goes! Boing Boing is colourful! Boing Boing! It’s so much fun to play with your own homemade bouncy ball! Boing Boing! We can’t stop bouncing it around! We at Coop Coco had a great time making bouncy balls, because let’s be honest… we all have a hidden inner child! These easy-to-make bouncy balls led to a lot of laughter in our offices, as they certainly will in your house too! Because this bouncy ball recipe is very simple, it’s completely suitable for making with a child. Indeed, it’s a fun and original family…

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    Face paint recipe for little Halloween monsters!

    Learn how to prepare your own Halloween face paint Halloween is fast approaching, and a host of monsters, ghouls, witches, and goblins will soon be out in force once again! It’s one of our favourite times of the year, with fun and chills to spare (not to mention tons of sticky candy – to be consumed in moderation, of course). To help get you in the mood, here’s our recipe for handmade face paint for children and the young at heart! If you’ve decided that this year you want to make your own costumes and face paint, or prefer to use handmade make-up whose ingredients you can vouch for, this…

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    Giant soap bubbles for kids of all ages

    What’s the worst thing that could happen in a soap factory? To run out of bubbles, of course! Five minutes after this “popped” into our head, we were busy cooking up a storm, and masses of iridescent bubbles were floating out of the back room into our shop. Our average age? About 26. But we’re all just big kids at heart! How to make soap bubbles? Ingredients 40 g (20%) of coco betaine 20 g (10%) of decyl glucoside 20 g (10%) of glycerin Optional: 3 g of any aromatic essence – our favourite: pineapple 120 g (60%) warm water Steps to follow Prepare and sterilize your equipment and workspace.…

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    Enjoy a Natural Fizz with these easy homemade bath bombs

    Prepare your tub: bath bombs are about to drop! After a tiring day, what’s better than sliding into a warm and inviting bath to relax? A soak in the tub is even better when you can enjoy it exactly the way you like it… So we’re offering an easy bath bomb recipe that you can customize to your liking! To create an instant cocoon, put on some music you enjoy, dim the lights, light a few candles, draw a bath at just the right temperature, and add a Natural Fizz! As your bath bomb merrily fizzes away, it will quickly dissolve and release its lovely scents! These handmade bath bombs…